Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Other than the Fryeberg Fair (and the Turner Parade), this was the first time you went to a festival. We went to the Yarmouth Clam Festival with Grammie and Grandpa. It was very hot, but we managed to keep you happy and cool. Your favorite part was seeing all the dogs around, but we also had some fun on the carousel.

You are copying sounds and movements more and more. Yesterday I got you to nod, a nice change from the usual shaking your head no. You have been meeting more and more friends since Mommy is on vacation. We went to the beach with Micah and Mackenzie this week, you played outside with Samara a few times, and Tuesday we will spend the day with Corinne.

You have expanding your climbing capabilities to the office chairs, and have become quite attached the computer mouse. I let you sit up here with me sometimes so you can see pictures of friends and family, but you seem to have a particular love for the red light underneath the mouse.

Love you, Mommy

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fort Popham

Dear Thomas,
Add "bubbles" to the list of words you can say... and the list of things you LOVE. When you find a bottle of bubbles you go crazy! You will follow me around the house carrying the bubbles and repeating "bubble" until I finally give in and make some for you :)
You are feeding yourself now! Actually, it is a great way to get you to eat when you don't want to. You can control the spoon, and almost always get the food in your mouth. You love it.
We had a great time last Friday at Fort Popham; Daddy came with us. We went on the beach, had lunch, and explored the fort (your favorite part). You were a little unsure about the ocean- the waves weren't big, but the water was cold and it was pretty loud. You chased your ball around with Daddy for a while, and only fussed when you went into the water too far.
We are expecting another tooth soon, you have been a little fussy and we are seeing a lot of drool.

We can't get over how smart you are- we have so much fun watching you figure things out.
~Love you, Mommy


Signs you can do
All done

Working on

You're so smart! You get so excited when you remember a sign.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Dear Thomas,
You met your cousins this week! Cheyenne and Jordan were here for a few days, and they got to spend some time with you. You met them before, last summer, but you were too little to notice. This week, however, was different. You had so much fun with them. You loved playing peek-a-boo with them and showing them your toys, it was great!
The fourth of July was so much fun. We went to the Turner Parade and then to the festivities after. You loved the parade, especially the animals.
You have made a lot of progress with communication. You are signing "more", "dog" and "bird" correctly. You aren't using any new words, but that will come soon :)

~Love you, Mommy

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beach fun

Dear Thomas,
We had so much fun at the beach this week. Mommy was a little braver, and brought you into the water. You were scared, but you loved it! We are going to Bear Pond Sunday so we can show Daddy what a good swimmer you are. This week, you paid a little more attention to Sienna, your beach buddy, and you let AJ and Tiana pick you up. You are becoming more and more comfortable every week.

You love naked time- it has been hot this week and we have let you run around a bit. When I took your diaper off the other day you ran around with your arms over your head just having a great time.

We have been keeping you up a little later now, trying to get you to sleep later too! You have really grown up the past month and do a lot of big boy things. One of these is going to sleep by yourself!

Yesterday, I found out just how much you love strawberries. After picking, I went to get you at daycare. You saw them in the car and went crazy. It was all I could do to get you home, upstairs and give you a bowl of cut and clean strawberries- you couldn't stand the wait. You cried the entire time!

~Love you, Mommy