Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Walking... almost

Dear Boys,
Owen you want to walk! You have mastered the art of walking behind the fire truck (or any other toy that can roll, slide and hold you weight) We are following you back and forth from one end of the room to the other, keeping you safe. You laugh the entire time! In addition to walking, you have decided to climb the stairs. I have been trying to teach you, "No" by saying it when you try and climb. You pause, look at me, smile your biggest smile and continue climbing... here we go!

Thomas you were so excited this year for Valentine's Day. You remember things now, and you ask about them again and again. We made Jello for your friends at daycare this weekend. You were very excited to bring it in and share it; you remembered that we had to wait until Valentine's Day and on that day you were so proud and excited to share.
Yesterday you said (exact words), "How can you be sure that the money will go in the bank?" When we were waiting for a deposit at the drive up teller. You amaze me sometimes!! Last weekend it was, "Can I have some fresh milk please?" I don't know how you got such a well developed vocabulary but your adjective use is amazing.
We went ice skating for the first time this weekend. You hated it! You cried a lot, asked to get off the ice, but true to your spirit (you did this during swim lessons) you claimed to love it and said you wanted to go again. We will stick to the rink out back now, we just wanted to give the general idea :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brother's play

To My Boys,
You are such a pleasure! Although Daddy and I are incredibly busy at night with you two, you make it worth it. Yesterday, we looked over at you, Thomas, and you had sunglasses on and a cell phone about an inch away from your face. You looked like such a goofball! You say the funniest things, like; "I think tonight is a good night for a movie," always buttering us up to try and watch Bugs Life, Toy Story or Nemo :) You talk constantly while you play (a trait you get from Mommy) so we have a nice running commentary about what you are doing. You love to make your brother laugh, and you are always asking to feed him. We moved your seats at the dinner table next to each other and you reach right out and hold Owen's hand. Such a love.
The tubes have made a huge difference for you Owen. You are sleeping well and much happier during the day. Lately, you have started to chase your brother around and sometimes you tackle him- pulling his hair and trying to bite him. You are so playful :) Mommy really has to keep the floor clean now, you love to pick up your brother's dropped snacks and eat them. The cheerios we can let go, but tonight you ate a goldfish cracker... not quite ready for that yet! Boy are you anxious though.

Love you,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Standing strong

Dear Owen,
I should have posted a while ago so that I could have focused on all the great things you are doing! You pull yourself up to standing, climb stairs (yikes) and love to stand and play at tables now (although you still need to hold on for support). Your belly laugh is incredible! You laugh so hard sometimes at the silliest things. Your brother is the best for getting laughs out, but Mommy can too and the bathtub always brings on the laughs as well.

All that is far from our minds now because we are so focused on healing you. You are having a lot of trouble with your ears. Just like Thomas, you are going to have to have tubes. You have pretty much had an ear infection since December. We have tried many rounds of different antibiotics, but none seem to help. We were scheduled to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for February 20th. Luckily, this week while we are at the doctor's again getting antibiotic shots, the doctor made a phone call and moved your surgery up. So, tomorrow is the big day.
Daddy and I aren't too worried. We went through this with Thomas and we know what to expect. It is still going to be hard though, and I am anxious to have it all behind us! I wish I had been keeping this blog when we went through it with Thomas so I could look back and know exactly what to expect!
You are such a happy and good-spirited baby, even wi
th all the ear pain. I can't imagine what a pleasure you will be once you feel better. Maybe you will sleep through the night :)

Sounds you are making: dadada babababa... no mama yet :(

Love you