Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

Dear Thomas,
You are still learning and changing so much everyday. The small things are the most amazing. Today, I took a washcloth and wiped up some water from the floor. You watched me, then took the washcloth and wiped the floor like I did. You truly watch and learn from everything we do.

The "sleep training" is going well, you were asleep after 25 minutes of rolling, tossing and turning tonight... not bad.

You are adopting a toddler attitude. You are quite particular with what you want, and you speak up if you don't get what you want. It is funny to watch how excited/upset you get when thing go/don't go your way.

Favorite game: Having Daddy chase you around the kitchen and try to "get you".

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sleeping Woes

Dear Thomas,
We have switched you over to whole milk. No more formula! You don't seem to like it as much, but I think you will adjust.

We are trying to get some good sleeping habits started, and it isn't easy. Typically, I rock you to sleep and sing to you, but that hasn't been working the past few weeks. So, Daddy and I are ready to let you fall asleep in your crib like a big boy. That means sitting next to you for about an hour while you fall asleep! It is not fun :) You have been waking a few times a night the past few nights, and we are trying to get you back to sleeping through the night. It is a work in progress, but we hope you will eventually become a good sleeper like Mommy and Daddy are.

You had your first fall Saturday at Nana's house. Daddy was playing outside with you and you were pushing around your wagon. You must have hit a rock or something in the driveway, because you fell forward and bit your lip. Daddy told me there was a lot of blood, I am glad I was not there to see it.

~Love you, Mommy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

One Year

Dear Thomas,
When did you get so big? We went to the doctors today, here are your stats:

21 pounds 1 ounce
29 1/2 inches

You no longer fit into 12 month clothes (especially PJs, which are just too short)

Vocabulary: mama, dada, ball, uh-oh, whoah, kitty (sometimes), and yesterday used correctly- ow.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Thomas,
This morning you were playing with a pinwheel. You would hand it to Mommy and I would blow on it and make it turn. Then you would grab it and hit it a few times trying to make it turn. After a few rounds of this, when you took it from me instead of hitting it, you blew on it! SHEER BRILLIANCE

You still love the word "uh-oh." Now, you point at something you know you aren't supposed to have, cell phone, remote, etc., look at me and say "uh-oh." Then you give me about two seconds to move it before you go get it yourself. (You can't quite restrain yourself from going for it yet!)

New words: Hello, Whoah, Ball

~Love you, Mommy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Play dates

Dear Thomas,
We are having a great vacation! Today we went back to the Toy Library for a playdate with some friends; you had a great time. You spent the first part of our time their playing in the kitchen. There were some older children playing and you enjoyed watching them and helping them. Then, in an effort to get you to play with Sienna, we moved to the ball pit. You were a little overwhelmed because there were so many kids in it, but quickly found that throwing the balls out of the pit was a good time. (Not for mommy who had to pick them all up) After the ball pit, we played in the sandbox for a long time. You loved that. Once you started to throw the sand, we decided to take a break from the sandbox. What a wonderful day I am having with you, I can't wait until this summer :) Later this afternoon we are going for a walk with Samara and Sheena, our neighbors. Right now, you are napping after such a busy morning!

~Love you, Mommy

Cousin Corinne

Dear Thomas,
Yesterday we went over to play with your cousin Corinne. You hadn't seen her since Christmas, and this was the first play date where you two were old enough to actually play. Ashley and I had a good time watching you two interact. Unfortunately, there is still quite an age difference and you were a little too big and rough for Corinne. You kept going up to her and patting her on the head, which was great. Then you would get a little carried away and just start smacking her, which was not great. She cried quite a few times and wasn't sure what to make of you. Next time we see her won't be until she is a bit older (mommy is on vacation in two months) so hopefully she will be able to smack you back :) You had fun, as always, chasing the cats around. No matter where we go, you find the animals and spend the day trying to get them.

It was shocking to see how different three months makes. Corinne seems so small and still like a baby- where as you are really like a little boy now.

And- you are in your new car seat facing forward! I love it because I get to talk to you while we ride together, and I can see you now.

~Love you, Mommy

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Here are some of the birthday wishes people have left for you... some are just well wishes, some are answers to the questions "What were you doing a year ago when you found out Thomas was born?"

Kim "Happy Birthday Thomas! The girls had a blast yesterday!" and "I was at home waiting by the phone because I knew you went into the hospital (I think it was just for an appointment). I was dying to visit but I wanted you to have your time. Wow that year went by fast!"
Susan "Happy birthday, Thomas! Love, Ellie and Jack" and "xI'm not sure I remember where I was when I found out, but I remember my shock that you had had him already! I think the first words out of my mouth after "Congratulations" were, "Wow, that's just like you to have him over April break. You are such a planner!" :) And I definitely remember the first time the kids and I met him; it was instant love! He was so tiny and perfect and my heart melted when I held him. I can't believe it's already been a year!"
Matty P "Send Thomas a big happy birthday from his funcle matty!!!!! MISS YOU GUYS!!"
Sarah "yay happy birthday thomas! miss you!" and "hey remember that time we were supposed to have a book club meeting and you decided to have a baby instead? i can't believe that baby is turning a year old this weekend! tell thomas i said happy birthday - miss you lachapelles!"
Ben "Happy birthday Thomas "the Gun" Lachapelle! Keep those parents of yours busy. And remember: the square peg in the round hole is not the problem; the stupid lid with all the dang holes is the problem."
Aunt Sandi "Heidi that was a great 1st Birthday Party for Thomas - everyone had a great time and Thomas is so adorable!!!!"
Holly "Driving to Boston fresh out of my cast for a bridal shower night out on the town. Pictures followed the next day care of Uncle Toby the mad picture taker"
Carol L "The birth of Thomas was a bright spot for us as someone told us while visiting Mom in ICU, she was so happy for you all and so was I. I think my cousin needs more grandchildren to love ;)"
Kelly, Jerry and Stephen "Thanks for inviting us, Stephen had a GREAT time! We did too. Thomas is so cute."
Wil "Happy Birthday Thomas!"
Gretchen "I remember Amanda's 1st Birthday party like it was yesterday and now she is 20! I had to wake her up from a nap for it and then I was ready for a nap after it was all done! Congratulations on your son's first birthday!"
Kathleen "happy birthday little guy. You have had an amazing year of discovery! Year number 2 will be full of many more exciting adventures. Be good to your momma and have a blast at your birthday."
Barbara C "HB to darling Thomas and may he and his parents celebrate with all their hearts."
Pam- "Happy Birthday Thomas hope your day is very special"
Cindy Pellerin "Hope the bday party went well happy birthdate Thomas"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The arrival of the third tooth

Dear Thomas,
Finally another tooth emerges. This is one of the top ones, although possibly both top ones have poked through. It is a relief to have it out, so you are no longer in so much pain... we still have a lot more teeth to go though.

You are being a little naughty now. We are teaching you not to hit. For some reason you have started hitting us- you find it hilarious. We are also trying to teach you not to yell. You have started yelling again- it's so loud! Oh, and you are climbing on things- we are nervous you will hurt yourself, so trying to teach you no for that too. It's good practice and good timing for learning "No". You certainly know what it means and don't like it :)

You are going to be a year soon; I wish I could go back to a year ago and do it all over again.

~Love you, Mommy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Growing, Growing, Gone

Dear Thomas,
As your first birthday is approaching, I am realizing how much you have changed this year. The memories of your birth (to be posted on your birthday) are all flooding back to me. How can you possibly have changed SO much? You are walking, talking, feeding yourself, and playing with toys I never thought you would figure out. A year ago you weren't even born!!

This week we gave you your birthday present early. It is a Thomas the Train table and chairs; you love it. We play the "get in the chair, get out of the chair" game at least a dozen times a night. You want to get in and out yourself, but it is a bit too dangerous.

You have discovered many new foods. You are doing a great job feeding yourself, even with only two teeth. You love sweet potato fries and potato puffs (didn't I tell myself I would never feed you such things?) Pasta with tomato sauce is one of your favorites too. You just love to eat.

You have grown out of a lot of your toys. You don't play with your tunnel as much, you are less interested in some of the "baby" toys you have always loved. You are never too good for the simple things- you played with your hairbrush for a half hour tonight. You will put down any toy for a tube of butt paste. Love that about you!

~Love you, Mommy

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Uh Oh

Dear Thomas,
Since last night you have been repeating "Uh Oh" over and over again.  We aren't exactly sure where you learned it, although we think we might say it to you when you fall or drop things.  You seem to be able to connect it with dropping because at dinner you were throwing your carrots on the floor and saying "Uh Oh".  It was adorable.

You are unstoppable on your feet now.  I am impressed at how quick and sure you are on your feet after only a week or two.  You are walking everywhere.  And, of course, because the walking has increased, so has the falling.  You have quite a few bruises, and I have heard your head hit the floor more times that I care to.  It's all part of learning I suppose.

You are amazing.  You are learning and changing so much everyday.  We are trying to get videos and pictures of everything because it is all going by so fast!  We keep thinking back to a few months ago, and it's hard to believe you are no longer that little baby laying on the floor.  You keep growing right in front of our eyes.

~ Love you, Mommy

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear Thomas,
  In just a matter of days you have progressed from a few steps to walking around the room.  Tonight you were all over the place, choosing to walk as much as possible instead of crawling.  I am amazed at how quickly this has happened.

Today we went for a long walk.  You talked almost the entire time :)  You have started to change your "mamama" to "nanana" and almost a "no".  I don't think I am ready for you to know that word.  

You are throwing things now with more power.  Sometimes you don't know your own strength and things really fly around the room.  You surprise yourself, and me, with how far you can throw. 

Last night you played with a coffee cup for about a half hour... you are so easy to please.  Tonight we played a fun game of tackle mommy- you are so much fun.

~ Love you, Mommy