Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Sunday, October 17, 2010

18 months

Dear Thomas,
Well, tomorrow you will be 18 months old and boy have you changed! Your vocabulary has exploded... you try every word now, and even if it doesn't sound right you still keep trying. You LOVE saying the following words: apple, water (wawa), thank-you (and yes, you use it correctly!), Calliou, and baby.
You are getting very good a your puzzles, you can put them together pretty quickly with little help from Mommy or Daddy. I am shocked to see you put the pieces in every time.
You love the show Calliou, and ask for it every morning. We are trying to not show you it every morning, but it is hard to resist that cute face!

We went apple picking last weekend, which you loved. Mostly, because you have learned the word apple, and so you could point to just about every apple we saw and say, "apple." You do love being outside though, so you have fun with any outside adventures. I have been teaching you how to play in the leaves, you think it is very funny.
Starting tomorrow, you are going to be in a sleeping bag at daycare! No more pack and play :) It seems like you are growing up so fast... I can hardly believe it.
Love you,

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Dear Thomas,
You have had a vocabulary explosion this month! You repeat words back to us and you have a lot of new words that you like to show us you know. Your favorite words are eyes and nose- as you point to your eyes/nose and shoes. You are amazing us everyday with new "grown up" play. This weekend you started playing with your cars and trucks, driving them around the house. You are getting good at your puzzles, especially the shape puzzle. You are turning into a little boy!

As we get ready to celebrate your 18 month milestone, we will also be getting ready for some other big changes. We are going to have another baby, and you are going to get to be a big brother! Although you are too little for us to explain this to you, you will be old enough when the baby comes in April to notice the new addition to the family! We will be moving into our house in November, so we have room for our new family of four. That will be a big adjustment for you, although you are already used to the house, because Nana and Pepere already live there.

You got your first haircut a few weeks ago. I was afraid that it wouldn't go well, but you sat there nicely and let Becky cut your hair. She was very quick, and that helped. You look so handsome with your new cut.

Today we went to your Great Uncle Brian and Aunt Tammie's house. You played with your cousin Gabe- you won't see him much because he lives in Texas, but you two had fun today :)

Love you,