Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town

Dear Thomas,
I am so proud of you! We went to the annual Christmas party at the American Legion (a party Mommy used to go to when she was a child) and you met Santa. This year, you were so calm, participated in the sing-alongs and sat on Santa's lap! You are growing up so fast!
We went to see Elmo Saturday! Mommy took yo
u to the Portland Civic Center to see Sesame Street Live. You loved it. You were very serious, and watched the whole thing quietly. It was great. While we were there, Daddy and Owen went to the Art Museum. They didn't last long before someone complained that Owen was too loud! How silly!
You favorite movie is A Bug's Life. You liked Toy Story for a while, but now you ask for A Bug's Life whenever we have movie night. We watched The Polar Express with you a few nights ago and you really loved that movie! You are so into trains right now, it was right up your alley.

Love you

My, those are big teeth you have!

Dear Owen.
Four teeth! Although you broke through your first tooth a while ago, you just received your fourth. The top teeth are coming in differently, the outer are coming in before the middle two! I can't wait to get picture of this!

You can get up to sitting position from your belly/back now! Still little progress on the crawling :)

You have your first ear infection :( A trooper, it was only the fever that told us something was wrong, you were behaving as happy as usual! You are on antibiotics now, and we are hoping for a quick turn around.

~Love you

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do you have any questions?

Dear Thomas,
You still talk constantly, endlessly :) One of the things you do that we love is ask us if we have any questions. On the way home from daycare with Mommy, or in the morning with Daddy, you ask us to come up with questions for you to answer. It's cute. You are also reading a lot, making up stories or repeating stories you know while perusing through books.
Although you are quite strong willed- a trait you get from Daddy, you are being a good boy and listening... most of the time. We still have to constantly ask you not to jump off chairs and to be careful with Owen. Otherwise, you are doing pretty well for the terrible twos.
This is the first Christmas you have been old enough to understand what is goi
ng on. We have visited Santa once, you had your picture taken with him. You like to watch The Grinch, and seem excited about the Christmas tree. I think you will be pleased when you wake up Christmas morning! You can't think of anything you want for Christmas, I don't think you have developed the ability to want things you don't already have (which is awesome by the way).
You are very smart- you know the colors and shapes (most of the time) and seem to be starting to pick up some letters. Potty training has become a battle of wills now; you completely get it, but have no desire to use the potty anymore. We will try again soon!

Love you,

Clap, clap, clap your hands

Dear Owen,
Today was your first time clapping! Although, that was really only one of many things you have done this week. You are generous with kisses now, coating your victim in massive amounts of drool :) You have started biting... something Mommy keeps ending up on the losing end of. You are still so close to crawling, but other than sliding backwards on a slippery floor you haven't moved yet.
You started feeding yourself food! You love to eat puffs, bananas, avocados (although when you would get them in your mouth you were not impressed :)) If you can grab it and taste it you will! You don't seem to have a favorite food yet; you tolerate anything we give you except peas and avocados- they both make you gag. You tried carrots at Thanksgiving (your very first Thanksgiving), however none of them made it in your mouth.

I just can't believe how much you are growing. You now weigh 20 pounds 7 ounces (at last check up) and you are so strong. Sometimes I have a hard time carrying you, and when you try to get out of my grasp forget about it! I can't hold on to you. You have had quite a few accidents- two falls off the bed and a fall off the couch. You are just so busy we can't quite keep up with you.

Love you,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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