Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Growing, Growing, Gone

Dear Thomas,
As your first birthday is approaching, I am realizing how much you have changed this year. The memories of your birth (to be posted on your birthday) are all flooding back to me. How can you possibly have changed SO much? You are walking, talking, feeding yourself, and playing with toys I never thought you would figure out. A year ago you weren't even born!!

This week we gave you your birthday present early. It is a Thomas the Train table and chairs; you love it. We play the "get in the chair, get out of the chair" game at least a dozen times a night. You want to get in and out yourself, but it is a bit too dangerous.

You have discovered many new foods. You are doing a great job feeding yourself, even with only two teeth. You love sweet potato fries and potato puffs (didn't I tell myself I would never feed you such things?) Pasta with tomato sauce is one of your favorites too. You just love to eat.

You have grown out of a lot of your toys. You don't play with your tunnel as much, you are less interested in some of the "baby" toys you have always loved. You are never too good for the simple things- you played with your hairbrush for a half hour tonight. You will put down any toy for a tube of butt paste. Love that about you!

~Love you, Mommy

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