Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Standing strong

Dear Owen,
I should have posted a while ago so that I could have focused on all the great things you are doing! You pull yourself up to standing, climb stairs (yikes) and love to stand and play at tables now (although you still need to hold on for support). Your belly laugh is incredible! You laugh so hard sometimes at the silliest things. Your brother is the best for getting laughs out, but Mommy can too and the bathtub always brings on the laughs as well.

All that is far from our minds now because we are so focused on healing you. You are having a lot of trouble with your ears. Just like Thomas, you are going to have to have tubes. You have pretty much had an ear infection since December. We have tried many rounds of different antibiotics, but none seem to help. We were scheduled to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for February 20th. Luckily, this week while we are at the doctor's again getting antibiotic shots, the doctor made a phone call and moved your surgery up. So, tomorrow is the big day.
Daddy and I aren't too worried. We went through this with Thomas and we know what to expect. It is still going to be hard though, and I am anxious to have it all behind us! I wish I had been keeping this blog when we went through it with Thomas so I could look back and know exactly what to expect!
You are such a happy and good-spirited baby, even wi
th all the ear pain. I can't imagine what a pleasure you will be once you feel better. Maybe you will sleep through the night :)

Sounds you are making: dadada babababa... no mama yet :(

Love you

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