Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brother's play

To My Boys,
You are such a pleasure! Although Daddy and I are incredibly busy at night with you two, you make it worth it. Yesterday, we looked over at you, Thomas, and you had sunglasses on and a cell phone about an inch away from your face. You looked like such a goofball! You say the funniest things, like; "I think tonight is a good night for a movie," always buttering us up to try and watch Bugs Life, Toy Story or Nemo :) You talk constantly while you play (a trait you get from Mommy) so we have a nice running commentary about what you are doing. You love to make your brother laugh, and you are always asking to feed him. We moved your seats at the dinner table next to each other and you reach right out and hold Owen's hand. Such a love.
The tubes have made a huge difference for you Owen. You are sleeping well and much happier during the day. Lately, you have started to chase your brother around and sometimes you tackle him- pulling his hair and trying to bite him. You are so playful :) Mommy really has to keep the floor clean now, you love to pick up your brother's dropped snacks and eat them. The cheerios we can let go, but tonight you ate a goldfish cracker... not quite ready for that yet! Boy are you anxious though.

Love you,

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