Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Owen is 2 months old

Dear Owen,
Well, we had your two month check up. All is well! Other than lifting your head while you are on your belly, you are doing everything you should be doing. We anticipate you to be rolling over soon, the legs certainly get moving when you are on your back. It's hard to find time to put you on your belly- it often makes you grumpy and your brother is usually all over you when you are on the floor. We will keep working on it though, you'll lift that head eventually.
You have had a great couple of days home alone with Mommy. You have been awake, alert and even smiling from time to time. I am trying not to wish time away, but I am anxious for you to be able to sit up. I think you will have a great time when you can sit with us and look around :)
You are in the 95% for weight, and fitting nicely into 6 month clothing! Its great to see you so healthy- your love chunks are the topic of many conversations.

Love you,

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