Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun loving boy doesn't listen to No!

Dear Owen,
  You little rascal... you love to hear No!  Right now, Daddy and I are chasing you around like crazy as you get into everything possible.  When Thomas was your age, we could put the television on and he would be quiet and focused.  You, however, do not care about TV.  Instead, you explore the house fearlessly :)
  Your vocabulary has exploded!  You will repeat any word that Daddy and I say, and you have quite a bank of words you use for communicating with us.  You will even string a few words together, like Mamma's cup and Daddy sleeping.  It has made things so much easier as you communicate with us more!
  Your brother has been a good influence on your playing.  You love to do everything Thomas does, and so you have learned early how to play with toys and pretend.  One of your favorite "big boy" toys to play with is the iPad.  There are a few games we play together before bedtime to help settle you.  You're very good at using it already.
  I don't think I can do this post justice and really describe how awesome you are.  Social- you love a crowd and feel very comfortable in new places; brave- there isn't much that will scare or intimidate you- the smoke detector appears to be the only thing you are afraid of; funny- you love to get a laugh and will perform for your brother, Daddy and I.  Blowing bubbles in the bath, making raspberries, there are many things you will do to entertain us.
  Things you love: your blanket (has to be with a silky edge), Gus (any animal can win your affections, but you have a special place in your heart for Grammie and Grandpa's dog), fig newtons (ha), playdough... much more I'm sure! 

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