Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Toddler

Dear Thomas,
You have certainly turned into a busy toddler! I am sitting at the table with you now as you happily paint. So much has changed in the past few months, yet I have not had the chance to come online and write about it. Where to start?
You are working on complete sentences now. You have quite a few that you say often, like "Where did ____ go?", "Love you _____." And some others that I haven't translated yet :) You are starting to learn your colors, your vocabulary is amazing... you know most animals (and their noises) and lots of foods, no surprises there.
You love arts and crafts- especially painting! You come home from daycare with lots of artwork. We paint here a lot too, although I have to admit it's not as enjoyable for Mommy! You love to play with stickers (and you actually put them on paper and not on furniture :) You also love play dough. We use it a lot while Mommy is cooking, you like to stand next to Mommy on the step stool and help me cook. We had one broken egg incident this week that startled you, but otherwise you love it.We had a rough month in January with sicknesses, so we didn't get outside as much as we normally would. We have managed to get out during most big snow storms, and as the weather has been warmer this month, we have been getting outside a lot. You LOVE being outside. I actually have to pick you up kicking and screaming to get you indoors. (That is, of course, when I can't coerce you with a snack) Your favorite outdoor activity is to make snowballs. You just grab a bunch of snow with your hands and throw it- its adorable. You also love the bird feeder. We have been waiting to actually see birds eating from the feeder while we are out there; no luck with that yet. You call the birds, saying "Birdies, where are you?" Probably one of your cutest phrases! You have also enjoyed snowshoeing (riding on Daddy while he snow shoed), sliding down your slide (I can't get you in the sled yet, you don't really like it), and cleaning off the cars- not sure why you love this so much, but you do.
You figure everything out. I know you are a smart kid. Safety locks, doors, pretty much anything you see us do, you can do. It's frightening :)
It will be my goal to write more often, so I don't have to cram it all into one post. I will end this post by talking about the arrival of your brother Owen. We got his bassinet all set up, and since then you have started talking about him again. There was a long stretch where you were saying "No" when we asked you if you were going to have a little brother. You haven't kissed Mommy's belly or said hello to the baby in months. Now, when you see the basinet, you say, "baby sleep," it;s progress :) Soon this blog will be and Owen and Thomas blog... one of many things you should get ready to share with your brother.

Love you

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