Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Owen arrives

Ok, well Owen arrived two months ago, but at least I making the effort now!

Dear Thomas,
We went through a rough "terrible two" period right after Owen was born. I assume, being two, having a huge family change, and leaving your daycare all came together to form the perfect storm. You are starting to act more like yourself now, as we all adjust to the new life!
You can carry on complete conversations now. Your speaking is really quite remarkable. We have playdates each week and I hear from other mothers how well you speak.
You are a great big brother! You love "Baby Owen," you hold him and pet him often. You do get a little rough, we have to remind you to be careful. And, when Mommy isn't giving you the attention you want, you will hit him. (I am sure this will be hilarious later in life)
So many other things have changed for you- you started a new day care this month. (You are still crying when we drop you off, but have fun once you are there). Summer is here, so we are outside all the time. Your favorite things to do are: "hit the ball" using your T-ball stand, playing basketball, playing in your water table, and your sandbox. You also love going for walks to see the geese up the street, you love to go see the waterfall at the basin and you are happy when Daddy takes you fishing.
Nothing gets by you these days, you really know everything and love to talk about it. Sometimes, when you are super chatty, mommy asks you to sing to her instead :) I love to hear your voice, but get tired of answering the questions, "What are you doing?", "What's that noise?" and "Where's ______?"

Friends we play with most often: Molly Tardy, Elliot and Olivia Rioux, and Sienna Ruth.
Favorite foods: Toast with PB (still), yogurt, strawberries.

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