Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Brother

Dear Thomas,
Wow. You are so smart! Your language has developed so well, you say the cutest things. Last night, after throwing a temper tantrum because Daddy wouldn't let you sleep on the floor, you said, "Will stay with me a little while." So cute.

Mommy and Daddy are having some trouble with your behavior lately. We are trying everything we can to get you to listen. Sometimes it works better than others. I can't wait for this stage to be over :) I don't like to discipline you.

You asked to "climb a mountain," last well telling us that you knew how. So we took you for a walk on the Bird Sanctuary. You loved it and even saw a dragon and a blue tiger. You have many favorite activities, but outside time is always the favorite. We go down the the water a lot and you love to spot frogs, birds and fish. You talk constantly. All the way down, asking questions and pointing things out. The entire time we are down there, and then all the way home. You love walking up the street to see the geese. You love working in the garden, it has been a great summer.

You love your brother! Daddy and I wish that you would be a little safer with Owen. You rest your head on his belly and tell him to hold you. You want to hold him. You give him kisses (and lick him occasionally). You just love your brother... it's great!

You start back at Carol Anne's Daycare next week. We are so excited for you to be back with your friends Derek, Kya and Lucus. You will be in the Preschool room-WOW! You spent the first 18 months of your life with Megan, and now you will be your teacher again in preschool, we are very excited for you.

Love you,
~ Mommy

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