Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Friday, August 24, 2012

An Amazing Summer

Dear Boys,
  We have had one amazing summer!  A few things we have done...  Thomas and I have been taking weekly trips to Range Pond to work on swimming.  We meet up with some friends of Mommy's from school.  Owen and I have gone to Bear Pond a few times, you are so brave in the water that Mommy doesn't dare to take you two to the beach alone!

We've made many ocean trips, Pine Point, which was very fun with low tide and hardly any people, and Popham Beach, always a favorite of ours.  We went to Thomas the Train in Boothbay Harbor, something we enjoyed last year too.

We had our first camping trip at the Cathedral Pines Campground in Eustis, Maine.  We were fortunate that this trip was so successful and that both of you enjoyed sleeping in a tent :)  We squeezed in many other fun events, like a trip to the Children's Museum in Portland, the Maine Wildlife Park and the Smiling Hill Farm.

School starts next week, and as you can imagine we are all going to miss the summer fun!

Until next summer,

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