Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Friday, August 24, 2012

Owen is 16 months

Dear Owen,

 Wow! You're doing so much right now. You are a fun-loving and happy boy! You have a dozen words or so- Mamma, Daddy, Babba (brother), kitty, doggy, cup, ball, balloon, bobber (yes bobber- we fish a lot), bubble, and plane- I think a few more I am forgetting. You like the word doggy right now and call everything a doggy :-)  You have four teeth left to come in, and I think they are coming- we have seen a lot of hand chewing this week.  You have a great sense of humor.  One of your favorite games to play is when Mommy tries to get you to say "Mamma", and you say other words instead of Mamma.  You laugh and laugh at this game!  You also love tickling and wrestling games; you and your brother make me very nervous with your wresting!

You love to look at books.  I think we must read "Busy Doggies" about two dozen times a day.  You never get tired of it.  You are a climber, you are in the climb on chairs and up the stairs phase... lots of falls and boo-boos for you!  Your newest adventure is to climb on the train table and then cry until someone helps you down.

Outside is also a fun time for you; you mostly follow your brother around and do exactly what he does :)  Unfortunately, you aren't as good at picking out the ripe tomatoes, so you spit out a lot of green ones... Mommy does not find this funny!

We love you and enjoy you every day.


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