Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Dear Thomas,
You have some big teeth coming, and boy does it look painful! I wish there was something I could for you, but you are chewing and drooling, and coping on your own for now :)
You are starting to put words together to form sentences... very simple sentences, but we are proud. Yesterday, you said "Hi Kitty" to Emma and laughed as she ran from you. We are getting the waving on a regular basis and hi and bye, about ten minutes too late.
Everyday you walk yourself from the car to the door of the condo. It takes a long time, you point at the flowers, you point at the neighbors dog, you stop to collect things, it is my favorite time of the day.
You are always so busy. We have a box from a fan in the kitchen. Every night, you fill the box with things and push it around the room. We got you a dust pan and broom which you use to sweep things and help Mommy clean. You love to play your piano, really you love to play with all of your toys now. We find that we have to use "No" less now, as you mostly play with toys instead of getting into things you shouldn't have.
Dinner has changed a lot. The big eater we had a month ago is gone! You are picky now and will toss things you don't want onto the floor. It is frustrating for Mommy who wants you to eat (and has to clean up after you). But, it is also funny in a way and we see the humor in your attitude.

Love you,

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