Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Friday, June 11, 2010

Soccer Star

Dear Thomas,
Maybe it's in the air with the World Cup games approaching, but you have become quite a soccer player! You often kick a ball instead of of throwing it, and can keep the ball underfoot for quite a while before losing it. Today we had an appointment with Dr. Sassiville. She had some Mr. Potato Heads in the office. You thought, of course, that it was a ball and played with it while we were waiting. You even kicked it around the room for a while like a soccer ball- I can't wait to see if you like that sport later in life.

You said "Thank you" today! Daddy handed you a toy in the bathtub that you had dropped, and you looked right at him and said "Thank you". It was great :)

We are working on some behaviors with you... you are being naughty. I think we have the hitting under control- putting you down seems to work. Now we are working on some other behaviors- standing on things like your chair, smashing blocks against the window... it's very hard to discipline you because you are so cute.

~Love you, Mommy

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