Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Monday, March 8, 2010

copy cat

Dear Thomas,
Oh, all the new things you have done the last few days!  We have been so busy, I haven't had time to journal about them.  You have become quite the copy cat- 
We have been playing with your blocks for months now.  I stack them, you knock them over.  Sometimes, you like to just grab the top block off the pile and leave the others in tact.  Yesterday, I put the blocks on the floor in front of you and YOU started to stack them!  Now, you only were able to stack two, the third one was a little too hard for you, but whoa!  I am so impressed.
In the bathtub, you have a rubber crab.  I always fill the crab up with water and make it swim underwater for a while before it pops up out of the water and squirts you (with sound effects, of course).  Saturday night, after I did this a few times, you grabbed the crab and made it swim under water and pop up!  You thought it was so funny, you were so pleased with yourself.
We have started walking again, as the weather is nice.  Now, you are riding like a big boy in your stroller, facing front.  It is sad for me  because I can't see you anymore :( But, you love it.  You hang on tight and look all around, talking the whole time.  I hope we will do this everyday, it will all depend on whether you continue to enjoy it this much!  The fresh air is good for both of us.

Eat, eat, eat... you love food and continue to have a hearty appetite.  You really like food that you can pick up and eat yourself, so we have been trying to give you more of those foods.  Unfortunately, you still only have the two teeth, so we are giving you a lot of Cheerios.  You don't mind, as I have said before, it is your favorite snack.  You even say "mmmm" when you are eating now.  

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