Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Thomas,
I had to come pick you up and daycare today because you were not feeling well. It was a rough afternoon, but you went to sleep early, and I hope you will get some rest now. I think it is a stomach bug this time, because I don't see any of the usual symptoms (other than fever) and you have been having a lot of gas. It is so hard to know! You were not yourself tonight, I couldn't even get you to laugh or smile. You weren't very interested in playing, you mostly wanted to cuddle with me (I have to say I loved every second of that). We watched some Caillou and you relaxed and snuggled with mommy. I think it helped.

Tomorrow is a big day. Daddy has the day off because your Uncle Todd and cousin Elliot are visiting from Alabama. So, he will pick you up early from daycare, and you will go up to Turner for the day with him. Tomorrow night, Grammie and Grandpa are going to watch you for a bit while we go out to dinner. I hope you are feeling well! You have already met Elliot and Uncle Todd a few times. They were up a few months after you were born, and also we went down there for your very first Thanksgiving. It was your first big trip with us, we even went on a plane ride.

Tomorrow is picture day at daycare.

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