Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Library Time

Dear Thomas,
You have a fever again :(  Daddy and I hope it is only teething.  You don't seem too sick other than a little grumpiness and a temperature.  We will keep watching through tonight to see how you do.

We have not made it out walking the last two days, a bit too cold.  However, today we went to the library.  You have been to the library before, but this was the first time you have gone and been able to get down on the floor and explore.  We found a few books for you to borrow about animals.  You love to look at real pictures of animals and pet the animals in the books.  You played with the puzzles for a while, and crawled around the play area.  Once I am on vacation, I will take you for baby time on Friday mornings, but for now we can get there once and a while to do our own exploring.  

You have started pointing a lot.  You like to point at lights the best, but you will point at anything you see that you want to get a closer look at.  We are trying to remember to tell you what each thing is after you point at it, so you can start to learn some new words.  Daddy loves your pointing a lot, and finds it quite entertaining.  

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