Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One step at a time

Dear Thomas,
You are doing it! You are walking... well stepping. You have taken a step on a few occasions over the last few days. Once you take the one step, you lose your courage and sit down- but the attempt is there.
We have been having so much fun the past few days playing with bouncing balls. Tonight we went for a walk to get diapers, and I picked up a beach ball for you. You chased that ball around the house all night. You love to stand up and throw it, I can't believe how much you have learned over the past few weeks. When I pick you up at daycare, I am amazed at what you are doing. Climbing up on the steps to look in the mirror with your friend Kya, chasing the ball around with Derek and Daniel. Everyday it is something new. No wonder you are sleeping so well at night!

~Love Mommy

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