Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Thomas,
It is hard to think of things to post, other than updates on your health. You have started wheezing, and daddy and I are very worried. I called the doctor today, we may bring you in tomorrow if things don't improve. You fell asleep very early tonight, I imagine you are exhausted and it will be a tough night again like last night. We spent a lot of time in your rocker last night. The same rocker that your Grammie used to rock your daddy in when he was sick. All of the sickness you have had this year is the same sickness your daddy had when he was little. You are just like him :)

Bath time is the most fun with you right now. You feel so much better in the hot steamy bath, and you have so much fun. Tonight, you had mommy and daddy laughing out loud because you were dancing and having a great time. I fill your bath toys with water and squirt you; you love that. You like to play with the cups and empty shampoo bottles; you mostly ignore all of your bath toys!

Today you are ten months old!

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