Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Talking II

Dear Thomas,
How funny to look at my post yesterday because today you said TWO words! You have "mama" down and even used it when looking up at me today from your car seat. Later, daddy and I were pointing to the Emma and saying "kitty" and you said "kitty"! You're brilliant.

Your breathing is so much better, and last night you slept great. Unfortunately, today your other ear started leaking, so we are pretty sure that it is infected now. Poor kid, you can't catch a break.

Also, today I closed your finger in the bathroom door. I want to confess this now and get it off my chest. Really, I do feel awful and cried along with you this morning while you were in pain. I was watching one side of the door as I was closing it, but completely forgot about the hinge, and, of course, your finger was right there. There doesn't appear to be any damage, just a little divot on your finger for a while- it went away. I am sure you will have plenty of accidents, but I hope that you don't have anymore accidents that are my fault.

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