Lachapelle Boys

Lachapelle Boys

Monday, February 15, 2010


Just a year ago you were just a heartbeat.  It's so hard to believe that last year at this time, I didn't know you.  Something happened tonight, I don't know what it was; it triggered the memory of hearing your heartbeat.  I miss that sound.  I loved hearing your heartbeat every time I went in for a check up.  I wish I could listen to your heartbeat again, right now.  That muffled "thump thump" beating so rapid.  When I was admitted to the hospital the night before you were born, I got to listen to your heartbeat all night.  It was wonderful. 

Now I get to hear all the wonderful sounds that let me know you are alive and growing.  Last year, I wanted nothing more than to hear your laughter, now I hear it everyday.  So, I don't want to leave the impression that I don't enjoy the new sounds I hear now that you are with us.  But, boy, do I miss that heartbeat!

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